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本店主廚 Fujita Kenta 在日本本川崎經營「坐忘」十七 年, 烹飪注重無添加, 無味精, 多蔬菜, 少油。 本著「美味, 健康, 良知」的理念, 第一次在香港開業。 我們期望顧客如我們自己一樣喜愛「坐忘」的料理。

Camper’s chef Fujita Kenta has been serving simple, wholesome and scrumptious culinary experience in Tokyo, Japan for 17 years. Camper’s Hong Kong is a great opportunity for him to introduce his signature cooking approach of no additives, more vegetables and minimal fat. We hope you love Camper’s food as much as we do.